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Size ordering on caps DISCLAIMER… Caps are specifically made for you when you order them. Please make sure you order the correct fitted cap size you need. Any cap that needs adjustments will have an adjustment charge of $7.00 + shipping and handling of $3.00.

SO BELOW I HAVE INCLUDED A CHART TO HELP FIND YOUR SIZE, AND INSTRUCTION ON HOW TO GET IT IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT SIZE YOU ARE. Cap Sizing Heads come in all sizes, and in a surprising variety of shapes. It is essential that the size be correct for your head. To determine your cap size, measure the circumference around your head using a soft measuring tape, keeping the tape measure level and firm, not tight but comfortable, around the back of your head across the temples and above the eyebrow ridge.  Essentially where the base of a baseball cap would sit.  If you don’t have a soft measure tape, you can use a piece of string, or yarn, wrap it around your head in the same manner stated above, and measure it against any measuring ruler you have.

Use the size chart below to determine you cap size, if you are in between, choose the next size up.

Inches       21 1/8    21 1/2    21 7/8    22 1/4    22 5/8    23    23 1/2    23 7/8    24 1/4    24 5/8    25    25 1/2

Hat Size    6 3/4     6 7/8         7           7 1/8       7 1/4    7 3/8    7 1/2    7 5/8       7 3/4       7 7/8     8      8 1/8