June 29, 2020
Hi Donna,
I received my cap over the weekend and couldn’t be more satisfied.  The quality is impressive.
I have a confession though,…  I am an avid cyclist and a huge Chicago Blackhawks fan.  I had been looking for a cycling cap to complement my Blackhawks cycling kit, but I couldn’t find one anywhere.  Then a few weeks back I started on a welding project and realized I needed a better welding cap.  You can figure out the rest.  Welding cap,… cycling cap,.. pretty much the same.
I like the cap so much I may not want to use it for welding, but rest assured it will see a lot of use on the bike (the kind without a motor).
You may want to add “cycling cap” to your product description.  It might open up a whole new clientele for you.
Thanks again for making a great product.